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  • Construction Machinery Manufacturer

    Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co. Ltd. is a construction equipment manufacturer in China. We are dedicated to the research, development and production of engineering equipments such as wheel loader, crawler excavator, and bulldozer. In addition, World Machinery is also a metal forming machinery manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and exporting mechanical power press, hydraulic shear, and press brake.

    • W156 5Ton Wheel Loader
    • W156 5-Ton Wheel LoaderThis W156 wheel loader is able to bear 5 tons of nominal load. Its bucket capacity ranges from 2.5 to 3.6m3. With the prolonged wheel base of 3427mm and the larger bucket cylinder, this product comes with great breakout force and excellent stability. The optimal steel material with outstanding intensity and tensile property is utilized to design and make the structural frame and operation devices. The finite element ...
    • W2215 21-Ton Crawler Excavator
    • W2215 21-Ton Crawler ExcavatorThe W2215 excavator is configured with the noted original ISUZU engine, Kawasaki hydraulic pump, Parker main valve, Doosan travel motor and Sungbo swing motor. With the 0.9cbm bucket, it is able to be loaded with 21.4ton. Moreover, this machine is mounted with a 600mm wide track. Under the power of the 113.2kw, the engine is totally matched with the hydraulic pump, ensuring the smooth operation ...
    • C-Frame Fixed Bolster Power Press
    • C-Frame Fixed Bolster Power PressOur machine is designed with the steel welded body that includes the rigid frame with less deflection. Aside from the high torque and low noise wet clutch unit, it is also configured with precise transmission gears and rigid crank to keep long service life and high accuracy. The forced lubrication system with default monitor enables the product to run reliably.
    • H-Frame Double Crank Power Press
    • H-Frame Double Crank Power PressThis JW36 straight side double crank press is designed with a strong H frame. The enclosed wet clutch with high torque needs minimal maintenance and it can get ride of the noise and pollution caused by airborne particles, significantly extending the lining life. Our machine is structured by symmetrical front and rear columns ...
    • Swing Beam Shear
    • Swing Beam ShearThis QC12Y swing beam shear is constructed by the welded steel frame and the swing type blade carrier, both of which are processed with the high temperature treatment to release the stress. Driven by the left and right hydraulic cylinders, the blade carrier will swing with the support shaft. The machine uses the nitrogen cylinder to accelerate the back stroke operation. Aside from the back gauge that is a mechanical adjuster with ...
    • Hydraulic Press Brake
    • Hydraulic Press BrakeThis WC67Y hydraulic press brake is designed with the C frame steel welded body that is treated with high temperature to release the stress so that the product is enhanced with the the rigidity and the strength. Aside from the mechanical synchronous control system with torsion axis, this product also adopts a wedge compensation device. Moreover, the back gauge supports the quick mechanical adjustment or manual ...

    Each of our independent factories follows a strict quality control system in compliance with the ISO standard. We also only purchase the best raw materials and components to produce our engineering equipment. In addition, most of the components we use are originally World Machinery produced, and therefore better quality can be ensured. As a result of our commitment to quality, our construction equipment and metal forming equipment have gained a reputation for high practicality, reliability, and durability.

    We have established the specialized international marketing company in Shanghai to facilitate convenient contact with our clients. This is where World Machinery's product overseas marketing, service, and agent recruitment occurs. We earnestly invite distributors to join our team of agents, so we can work together to expand international markets for our products.

    We at World Machinery are always striving to improve our designs and techniques, and we employ first class professional talents in research and development. Our advanced research and development center established in Shanghai is equipped with top-of-the-line design software. It also has its own independent experimental factory and site in the Yangtze River Delta region, where there is convenient transportation and the combination of manufacturer and research can be perfectly realized. We are proud to offer products that have high reliability, energy saving, and long service life with low maintenance cost.

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